Research Interests

  • Distance-Bounding
    • Public-key
    • Privacy
    • Mutual
    • Continous
    • Challenge-Free
  • RFID Positioning
  • Security & Resiliency issues in overlay Networks
  • Information Theoretic Security
    • Multi-Party Computation
  • Cloud Networking Security
  • Secure Protocols

Research Assistant, University of Calgary 2011

iCORE Information Security Lab
Supervisor: Dr. Rei Safavi-Naini, Department of Computer Science
Research: Wireless Coding Theory, Information Theoretic Security

Research Assistant, Amirkabir University of Technology 2007-2009

High-Speed Networks Lab
Supervisor: Dr. Siavash Khorsandi, Department of Computer Engineering and IT
Research: Improving Resiliency and Failure recovery for structured P2P networks under Routing Attacks
Research Result: A P2P secure protocol named “trust-cube” with following properties:
  • Without any central party
  • Self-Organization
  • Dynamic Resiliency
  • Lookup and Transfer in shortest path
  • Minimal packet per Transaction
  • Resistant against eclipse and routing table poisoning attack
Other Research:
  • Cryptography & Secure Protocols: Cryptanalysis, Correlation & Algebraic Attack, Private Search, Blind Signature, ID-Based Cryptography, Reputation Systems
  • Secure Systems: VPN, SELinux, Security Kernel
  • Formal Methods in Security: Protocol Model Checking
  • Database Security: Inference Control in New Generation of Databases
  • High-Speed Networks: Implement Multibit-Trie Router in Linux-2.6.9
  • Network Security: Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks, Deploy real IDS/IPS and Heavy Load Testing, Firewall Policy Anomaly Detection

Research Assistant, University of Tehran 2006-2007

Routers Lab
Supervisor: Dr. Yazdani, Department of ECE
Research: IM/P2P Filtering
Research Result: An IM and P2P Transparent Application Level Proxy, which serves as an active and invisible module on the network gateways

Researcher, Technology Park, University of Tehran 2005-2006

Multi Agent Systems Simulation Lab
Supervisor: Dr. Taghiareh, Department of ECE
Research: Multi Agent Systems Simulation
Research Result: A multi agent system that simulates a 2D and 3D soccer player